Everyone wants to get rid of their junk car as quickly as possible as this is a convenient way to make money.
The majority of people believe that junk car buyers are fraud, but this isn’t always the case. However, to avoid those scams, we’ve listed some of the most common ones here to avoid them:

1. Look On The Paperwork:

When you take a car to a junkyard, you must sign over the title to the vehicle. It’s what ensures the deal is legal, and some junk yards offer to take care of everything. 

They don’t always cancel the registration, however. Failure to do so can result in late payments, which are often sent by the junkyard in exchange for towing and storing the car in the yard.
That’s why it’s really a good idea to handle your own registration papers and remove your licence plates before your vehicle is towed away. Also, anyone who would purchase your car without a title should be properly investigated.

2. Late Payments

Allowing a junk car buyer to tow your car away without full payment is never a good idea. You have nothing to show what’s being agreed between you and the buyer once your car is out of your driveaway.
It’s always a smart option to never let a buyer tow your car away without receiving the accepted payment.

3. Declare Your Car Worthless:

The most popular scam used by junk car buyers is to give your car a value of zero. They always act as if they are doing you a favour by towing your car away, but this is not true! Even if your car is overflowing, rusting, or broken, it still has some worth.
To determine the true value of your vehicle, you can obtain quotes from at least two or three buyers. Do not believe someone who says your car is worthless.

4. Additional Cost Of Towing:

Normally, the cost of towing must be included in the quotation. After all, only a small proportion of cars that make it to the junkyard can get there without help. At the time of pickup, tow truck drivers often demand payment. They could even refuse to tow the car to the junkyard unless the seller pays.
As a result, it is recommended that you never pay the tow fee directly to the tow driver.
5. Sudden Changes In The Payments:

The buyers seem to be very professional at first, as they negotiate on the expected money and all goes smoothly, but when it comes to paying, they change the charges and show up with hidden charges labeled as service or towing fees.
It’s especially irritating when the difference in money isn’t only a few bucks but entirely different amount.
After all the chaos you’ve been through, you’re not obligated to accept the new offer.You can find far better alternatives, so it’s best to ignore those false offers.

6. Dishonest Hauler:

The junkyard is where your old junk car will end up but don’t rush.
Many junk car buyers do not have their own towing services and instead rely on the services of a tow truck when they are in need.
If you were paying in cash for your junk car and the tow truck driver asks for payment in cash for towing services, refuse the offer and look for another reputable junk car buyer.

7. Be Vigilant:

It’s also true that many junkyards do not even have a registration. Some people try to steal good cars and sell them as scrap to make money. Others make any car seem useless in order to pay only a few bucks. The easiest way to stop scams is to research the choices and select the trustworthy companies.


It would be useful to be aware of the common scams used by some junk car buyers. Often read consumer feedback, ask family or friends for recommendations for a reputable junk car buyer, and, most importantly, get two to three quotes from various buyers to avoid being scammed. Never be afraid to ask for clarifications or to walk away if you believe they are trying to take advantage of you.
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