The transmission is one of the most essential components of your car; it is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Therefore, transmission issues must not be neglected.
You know your car well, and if it starts behaving strangely, making odd noises, or emitting a strange smell, you give heed.
If you didn’t notice the defective transmission at first, a small fix today could lead to a costly repair later.
Let’s go through some warning signs of common transmission issues to help you avoid a bigger issue.

1. Difficult To Change Gears:

If you’re driving effortlessly and unexpectedly find it difficult to shift gears, it’s most probably that you have a transmission problem.  
If you have recently adjusted the fluid and used the incorrect one, or a low maintenance fluid, this may be the cause of the difficulty in changing the gear.

2. Burning Smell:

A burning smell coming from your car is never a positive thing. The burning smell is usually caused by heated or burning transmission fluid. It may also be caused by leaked fluid or a low fluid.

You may be able to avoid transmission damage if you inspect the fluid level regularly to prevent it from leaking.

3. Strange Noises:

There is a concern if there is a strange noise. It’s likely that sounds like humming, buzzing, or cranking came from the transmission.
These transmission sounds may indicate a bad bearing, low transmission fluid, or some internal issue.

4. Slipping Gear:

It might be a blip if the transmission slips once. However, if you see it slipping on a routine basis, you must be cautious.
You may have sliding gears, If the engine appears to be powering faster than it should when going down the road and you don’t have enough fuel.

5. Dragged Clutch:

The engine is engaged or disengaged from the transmission by a clutch. For starting, shifting gears, braking, and slowing down, the clutch is disengaged.
If the clutch does not disengage, the car will be dragged. This will cause grinding of the gears. Another issue that may be causing clutch drag is improper clutch pedal adjustment.

6. Leaks:

Fluid must never spill from the engine, transmission, or anywhere else.
Any transmission fluid leakage must be avoided at all costs, since it can result in a significant transmission problem.
Transmission fluid leakage is easy to spot, and identifying it is important for car maintenance. Thankfully, transmission fluid leaks are simple to fix, and the faster you see one, the longer your vehicle can run smoothly.

7. The Check Engine Light:

The check engine light on your dashboard is there to alert you to a range of causes with your car. The check engine light can mean anything other than the engine, such as your transmission, brake system, air conditioning, or any other system in your car.
To figure out what your car’s warning light is showing you, check the owner’s manual.

8. Shaking And Grinding:

When the car decides to change gear, you’ll notice a shaking and grinding sound.
Shaking and grinding are often caused by damage to the universal gear mechanism, a bearing problem, or outside the transmission in u joints, partial axles, or even the motor.
It’s also possible that the grinding you’re seeing is the transmission trying to change into gear.

Check It Out Immediately:

If you see either of the above indications, have it checked out right away before it becomes a bigger problem. The delay may cause a transmission failure, possibly requiring transmission replacement.
You can sell your junk car to us if the transmission problem is not worth fixing or if the cost of repair is too high.