Is that junk car in your carport or garage becoming an utter mess? Do you want to sell it for cash? Is it true that you live in Birmingham? If that’s the case, this is your lucky day! We have professional junk cars Elizabeth, removal at The junk car company. That’s right, we buy cars in Birmingham, Alabama for cash and tow them away for free.


Sell your vehicle like wizardry in The Magic City


In a city whose underlying development happened so quick, acquiring the city the epithet ‘The Magic City,’ you may be thinking about how mysteriously quick our administrations are. To put your psyche very still, The junk car company pays on the spot through one or the other money or check. While we never ensure a particular pickup time or day, our nearby Birmingham garbage vehicle purchasers get most vehicles inside 1 to 3 business days or less. We buy junk cars in Elizabeth to help you provide the best rates possible. Our administration removes all the issue from selling a vehicle on the web, and we’ll even come and get your vehicle so you never need to take off from your home!

Here’s the manner by which to get the most money for garbage vehicles in Birmingham;

Precisely depict your garbage vehicle to us

What condition is your garbage vehicle in? Is it broken? Did it get ravaged in a car crash? Give a precise portrayal of your vehicle. Ensure you give legit data, as this will help in making an exact offer. Trustworthiness will save you a huge load of questions at the hour of getting. Try not to stress, we purchase garbage vehicles in Birmingham in practically any condition as long as they are finished.

Acknowledge our moment deal offer

When you give a portrayal of your garbage vehicle, our cutting edge offer generator will give you a moment offer. In the event that this satisfies you, acknowledge the offer directly through our site. After you acknowledge the offer, our group will gather your own data, for example, your area and telephone numbers. Once in a while, we may require a check of the vehicle’s documentation and condition utilizing photographs.

We’ll get your garbage vehicle and pay you on the spot

After you acknowledge our moment offer, we’ll allocate your vehicle to one of our completely checked garbage vehicle expulsion specialists in Birmingham. These garbage vehicle purchasers will plan an opportunity to deal with your piece vehicle get, during the day, nights, or even at the ends of the week. Prior to towing the vehicle, they will rapidly survey it to affirm that its condition is as it was expressed. They will at that point tow away your garbage vehicle and pay you immediately through money or check. You will presently be liberated from your garbage vehicle and have some nice money to show for it. You can take your family out to the Birmingham Zoo or enjoy a family-accommodating occasion to bond with your youngsters following a bustling week in school.